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JD Planet Moving & Storage was established in 2016 by two friends - Eric and Shin. The two were movers at various stages of their lives, and decided to combine their knowledge and expertise at their own moving company.

 Our excellent performances have been focused on moving household goods and the relocation of the military units and offices for the U.S. armed forces in Korea for the past four years.

 With such experiences as our foundation, we have been expanding our business to become an international transportation industry by operating more than ten branch offices and warehouses in Korea.

 As a result, we have grown to become a total logistic company which means we can provide a one-stop service at the most competitive prices with the best conditions available.

 As a qualified moving agency for the U.S. Armed Forces, we have accumulated knowledge and invaluable know-how that allows us to meet the high standards, specifications & regulations of the U.S. military force (JFTR/DTR).

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(+82) 2796 4142

Professional Movers

Our moving company aims to be the single source for the entire relocation process. Moving and storage services are offered at reasonable prices and auto shipping assistance is also available should you need it. Long distance moving services to any national and worldwide location is available. We stop at nothing to meet the needs of our customers and we have not forgotten that clients always come first.

JD PLANET is licensed and insured, and registered with the Department of Transportation. Quality relocation that is also affordably priced may seem like the road less traveled by many Moving Companies, but JD PLANET is proud to be a trailblazer in a league of our own. Remember that when a JD PLANET moving truck comes to your home or office it comes in the most trusted name in moving.

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